1 Tormenta FC 2
Week 4: W, 4-0 DIS, W, 4-0 @PEA
Week 5: CLT, DRW
Last Week: 2
Absolute dominance and incredible consistency is the name of the game for South Georgia. They have played three games this season winning every single one of them 4-0.
2 Mississippi Brilla FC
Week 4: T, 1-1 @TXU
Week 5: CC, @ALB, @ALB
Last Week: 1
Brilla have played all three of their opening games against Texas United but have outscored them 10-2 in those three games, only dropping points once. Brilla do get a chance to face new compeition next week as they play Corpus Christi.
3 Brazos Valley Cavalry F.C.
Week 4: W, 2-0 CC
Week 5: @ALB, @CC
Last Week: 5
A team that looked strong rolling into the season has shown their worth in their first two games. Calvary have scored five times in the opening two games and have kept a clean sheet in both games, more recently beating Corpus Christi 2-0.
4 Corpus Christi FC
Week 4: W, 5-1 @HOU, L, 0-2 @BVC
Week 5: @MIS, BVC

Last Week: 4
The Sharks have started the season well with two wins in three games including a 5-1 performance agaisnt Houston FC last week. But Corpus does fall slightly this week in the Power Rankings due to their scoreless loss against Brazos.
5 Treasure Coast Tritons
Week 4: W, 5-1 WES, W, 1-0 FL
Week 5: WES

Last Week: Not Ranked
Moving on up and onto the top five in the South as the Tritons continue to score and continue to win. The Tritons have taken three wins this season in four games and sit atop the Southeast Division on nine points.