1 Reading United AC
Week 4: W, 3-2 @NY, W, 3-0 FAE
Week 5: @CSR

Last Week: 1
They must like the view from up here because Reading remain number one after notching two more wins in Week 4 with a 3-2 win over Red Bull’s U23 as well as a 3-0 win over FA Euro New York.
2 Black Rock FC
Week 4: W, 4-3 @BOS
Week 5: GPS, SUP
Last Week: 3
It took a lot for Black Rock to defeat the Bolts but the young side pulled it off in a seven goal thriller to take the three points. They remain at the top of the Northeast Division with nine points from their opening three games.
3 Wake FC
Week 4: W, 1-0 @LIO
Week 5: @TOB, @NCF

Last Week: Not Ranked
Resolute defense has worked so far for Wake FC only conceding one goal in their opening four games. With that they only needed three goals for their two wins and two draws so far this year.
4 Lionsbridge FC
Week 4: L, 1-2 VBU, L, 0-1 WAK
Week 4: @TRI, NC
Last Week: 2
Another team that was projected to do well but Lionsbridge has had an inconsistent start to the season winning two out of their opening five games, recently losing to Wake FC who sit above them in the South Atlantic.
5 GPS Portland Phoenix
Week 4: L, 0-1 @WMP
Week 5: @BR, @ACC

Last Week: 5
Even on points with Black Rock but with two more games played, GPS Portland Phoenix sits on the bottom of this weeks Power Rankings for the Eastern Conference.